Material Design Workshop

Experience and design materials and graphics on physical product prototypes, true scale

Material Design Workshop is a workshop format developed around the innovate design tool Skin 2.0. Skin augments the designers' physical prototypes with digital graphics from the designers' collection to effectively explore the first ideas for new products.

Material Design Workshop is targeted at the early stage collaboration between design, marketing, engineering, clients and end-users, such as:

Idea generation sessions in packaging. Generate ideas for the styling of a brand in a multidisciplianry team. Explore a large variety of textures, colors and brand-graphics on paper models of the packages.

Interactive Design Meetings with Clients. Design, marketing and clients quickly form a shared understanding with the help of highly interactive and explicit visualizations.

Designing patterns in fashion. Create many new ideas and evaluate them on a buste before fabricating the first garment prototypes.

"Bang! and you have another chair"

Design Agency Flex in Delft applied Material Design Workshop in the design of a chair. Within 30 minutes they created, experienced and reviewed over 80 designs for the seating area. With the results they continued their later design stages more efficiently. Material Design Workshop proved an efficient pre-photoshop and pre-3D modelling stage.

“The plain leaf pattern emphasizes the legs nicely compared to this noisy pattern”

Material Design Workshops makes use of the existing materials designer's have. Their collection of digitial materials and collections of material samples and example products. The tool Skin 2.0 supports mapping materials onto product prototypes to make the interactions between shape and materials experiential.

“This is really helping me when we are building concepts. It helps me stay active and it becomes a team effort”

Material Design Workshop consists of three steps. Prior to the workshop, materials are collected in the collecting step.

In the generating step new ideas are generated. In the review step, an interactive wall display lets participants group their concepts.

Apply it to your Process

Material Design Workshop is part of the Ph.D. project of Daniel Saakes in which he explored tools and techniques to support designers in the early stages of designing products. Material Design Workshop has been applied to packaging, ceramics, consumer electronics, furnature and fashion. Contact Daniel Saakes if you are interested in applying Material Design Workshop or Skin 2.0 to your process.

Clients and Partners

Unilever, Vlaardingen, NL
Procter & Gamble, Brussels, BE
Tetrapak, Moerdijk, NL

Flex, Delft, NL
Hugo Boss, Coldrerio, CH
Royal Delft, Delft, NL
European Ceramic Work Centre, Den Bosch, NL